• Veterinary Clinical Solutions

    Esaote offers innovative clinical solutions in both ultrasound and MRI, especially designed for preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic purposes in the veterinary field.

    Our long-term commitment to the veterinary business has led to dedicated veterinary imaging solutions which have high-quality images and an easy workflow as their cornerstones.

    vet clinical solutions

Veterinary Clinical Solutions



Ultrasound and MRI are important tools in the prevention of various diseases in veterinary medicine. Early detection of a possible disease enables animal owners and veterinarians to start therapy in the early stages of the disease.




How do you make the best use of all Esaote’s ultrasound and MRI solutions, in order to reach a better, faster, or more precise diagnosis? We offer tools to enable  veterinarian to perform diagnostics with accuracy and confidence.



Therapy and interventional

The first steps in treating animals are diagnosis and therapy. But a good follow-up to therapy is just as important. Esaote systems support the veterinarian in developing a therapy plan as well with the follow-up.