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Basic and Advanced Diagnosis in Neck Ultrasonography

Clinical Need: basic and advanced diagnosis in neck ultrasonography

In the last decade, there has been a rapid refinement in the diagnosis in the neck, especially in the field of thyroid disease. Ultrasound plays a fundamental role in the management of thyroid neoplasm and in particular in the management of recurring neck problems after thyroidectomy. Ultrasound can be used in many ways and different technologies can play a very important role, especially with a special probe portfolio from 5 to 22 MHz.

New technology for Micro-Vascularization detection

microV is the latest technology introduced by Esaote with an astonishing sensitivity for small vessels and slow flows detection. Top performance for micro-vascularization study in terms of sensitivity and spatial resolution and characterized by a very high frame-rate and developed with a movement artifacts suppression algorithm, microV offers tiny and slow flow vessels detection without B-Mode interferences (no noise related to hyperechoic structures) for the representation of the information related to flows non-detectable with standard Doppler Techniques.

Gold-standard Lesion Characterization

Tissues have different mechanical properties, and elasticity is one of these characteristics. It is well known that tissue elasticity is correlated to pathology and palpation in different areas, and is routinely used as a measure in clinical exams. Elasticity allows tissue to change shape under pressure or force and return to its original shape after distortion. Evaluation of elastic properties involves transforming a tissue through the application of an external load. Elastography technology allows the user to perform a tissue’s elasticity analysis, providing information about the tissue’s elasticity by associating different chromatic patterns to the different tissue elasticity responses.

Bi-dimensional Navigation

The localization of lesions with real-time ultrasound while taking advantage of a secondary 2D technology is a significant challenge in everyday clinical practice without technological support.

Body map

BodyMap is an exclusive technology which enables the real-time visualization of the probe position on a second system next to any kind of DICOM 2D image, such as Scintiscan, SPECT, MRI,PET, XRay and many more. The coregistration between the ultrasound and the second imaging modality takes less than one minute and there is an option to take a picture of the body area under examination (Bodymark) with a BodyCamera.

A step ahead with Fusion Imaging and 3D Real-time Neck Navigation

Virtual Navigator is Esaote’s revolutionary Technology for Fusion Imaging that displays CT, MR and PET images side-by-side with real-time Ultrasound.

The Esaote Virtual Navigator offers the chance to perform realtime Fusion of US with multiple imaging systems. This technology merges the real-time capabilities of Ultrasound such as Doppler, CEUS and Elastosonography with functional and 3D information from other systems.

Virtual Navigator can increase your diagnostic confidence in:

  • Visualizing/analyzing different datasets for diagnostic purposes with real-time multi-modal Fusion Imaging through its Autofusion technology

  • Planning the best scanning and targeting approach

Technology and features are system/configuration dependent. Specifications subject to change without notice. Information might refer to products or modalities not yet approved in all countries. Product images are for illustrative purposes only. For further details, please contact your Esaote sales representative.