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Breast Elesticity Scoring: strain elastography for breast lesion detection

Clinical Need: Breast elasticity scoring

Breast elasticity scoring is one of the most important steps in breast pathology detection and characterization. The field of medicine widely accepts the principle that malignant tissue has a harder consistency than benign tissue1.

Besides traditional palpation performed as a standard procedure to detect and quantify the differences in stiffness of tissues, elastosonography has become the gold standard imaging modality for visualization, scoring and analysis of breast parenchyma and lesion elasticity. Differences in elasticity and the presence of particular patterns that are more or less homogeneous, can be linked to well defined groups of pathologies, benign or malignant.

1. W. Anderson, Pathology. Mosby, 1953.

ElaXto: The ultimate performance in strain elastography

ElaXto is Esaote’s strain elastography and is available via a wide range of products - cart based and portable - for a large set of probes, in all applications (Breast, Thyroid, MSK, Abdominal, Urology, Gynaecology, Surgery). ElaXto provides your daily clinical practice with the best spatial resolution and sensitivity possible, providing high confidence and precise results in terms of tissue elasticity scoring. Furthermore, a wide set of tools and measurements enables the user to perform all types of analysis and quantification on the final result, allowing for second opinion and /or patient follow up.

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Technologies for maximum performance

The performance and capabilities available with ElaXto make elastosonography examinations quick, easy and precise.

  • ElaXto: the extremely high spatial and time resolution, and utmost sensitivity make it possible to achieve high quality elastosonographic images with just slight movements of the probe on the tissues. ElaXto’s quasi-static sensitivity enables a good result from minimal movement of the probe or physiological patient movements (e.g. patient breathing). In this way, ElaXto guarantees maximum performance with minimum patient and operator dependence.

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  • Complete ElaXto measures package and Extended Capabilities: ElaXto software has a wide set of capabilities to make elastosonographic exams quick and easy. A complete ElaXto measures package includes ElaXto ratio evaluation between two different areas, Elaxto hardness and Softness parcentage to quantify the harness of an ROI, and ElaXto Histogram to assess the homogeneity of one or more areas. All measurements can be performed in real time or on archived images.

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  • Raw ElaXto Data Export: all raw data collected from the ElaXto image and measurements can be exported and re-opened using Excel on your PC. In this way, secondary analysis for clustering, follow up, research or trend assessment can be done wherever you wish.

  • ElaXto is available for a wide range of products, and a large selection of probes

Elaxto Real-Time Elastosonography

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