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Comprehensive Real-Time Elastosonography Package for all Districts

Clinical Need: Tissue Characterisation

Tissues have different mechanical properties, and elasticity is one of these characteristics. It is well known that tissue elasticity is correlated to pathology and palpation in different areas, and is routinely used as a measure in clinical exams.

Elasticity allows tissue to change shape under pressure or force and return to its original shape after distortion. Evaluation of elastic properties involves transforming a tissue through the application of an external load. Elastosonography technology allows the user to perform an elastosonographic analysis of the tissue, providing information about the tissue’s elasticity by associating different chromatic patterns to the different tissue elasticity responses.

ElaXto: Real-time Elastosonography

Real-time Esaote Elastosonography (ElaXto) is based on the concept of elastic strain: an object subject to a stress distorts proportionally to the intensity of the applied stress, and varies depending on its material make up. Thanks to the strength of elastic strain, it is possible to evaluate the modification of the echo signal and understand how the different tissues distort (if they are soft) or move (if they are hard) in relation to the probe position. The result of this calculation, computed in real-time, is shown by a color image overlain on the B-Mode image.

Esaote ElaXto Technology is available in a wide range of clinical applications with linear, convex, endocavity and intraoperative transducers.

ElaXto Clinical Applications and Probes

ElaXto can give diagnostic information in many clinical applications such as breast, thyroid, MSK, liver, urology (both for prostate and testes) and during surgery.


ElaXto in breast applications is available with a wide range of linear tranducers (LA533, LA435, LA332, LA523), up to 18MHz and with 3D capability (BL433).

ElaXto breast ductal carcinoma in situ with linear transducer LA533.



ElaXto in thyroid applications is available with a wide range of linear transducers (LA533, LA435, LA332, LA523).

ElaXto thyroid lesion with linear transducer LA533.



ElaXto in musculoskeletal applications is available with a wide range of linear transducers (LA533, LA435, LA332, LA523).

ElaXto musculoskeletal focal lesion covering the entire supraspinatus tendon’s thickness.



ElaXto in abdominal applications is available with the CA541 convex transducer.

ElaXto hepatic lesion with convex transducer CA541.


UROLOGY (Prostate, Testes)

ElaXto in urology applications is available with endocavity transducer (EC1123) for prostate and has a wide range of linear transducers for testes (LA533, LA435, LA332, LA523).

ElaXto on prostate with endocavity transducer EC1123.



ElaXto in intraoperative applications is available with linear array intraoperative transducer (IOT332).

ElaXto on liver during surgery with intraoperative linear transducer IOT332.

ElaXto Measurements - Complete Package


Tracing two zones (Z1 and Z2) with the ElaXto will provide the ratio between the strain values in the tissue included in these zones. Free hand or elliptical shape zone traces are available. The resultant value is directly proportional to the stiffness of the tissue included in zone Z2, compared to the tissue of zone Z1.



Softness percentages measure how many pixels deviate from a fixed threshold along the color palette, within a region of interest. The value is expressed as a percentage. The threshold is highlighted with a movable yellow line overlaying the color palette.



Measurements within defined regions of interest allow the user to produce histograms that show the distribution of tissue, from hard (H) to soft (S) on a scale of 0-100. The system also computes the mean value (MEAN) and the standard deviation (SD) of the strain information included in the selected Z zone. The histogram data can be exported into Microsoft Excel worksheets. The user can easily manage the histogram raw data, making multipurpose, secondary analysis of the ElaXto data (clustering, trends, etc) possible.

Additional ElaXto measurement capabilities:

  • Elliptical Area for the region ratio analysis
  • Measurements are displayed simultaneously in dual view, B-Mode and ElaXto images
  • All measurements can be done both in real time, as well as on archived images/clips with the ability to repeat scans on any frame of a cineloop
  • Ability to move the defined region of interest within the same image to obtain updated measurements and results (ratios and histograms) in real-time

Data can be exported from the system into a Microsoft Excel worksheet.

Elaxto Real-Time Elastosonography

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