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Virtual Biopsy: virtual tracking of the needle to reach the target quickly, precisely and safely

Virtual Biopsy combined with Intelligent Positioning increases confidence during ultrasound real-time biopsy procedures, thanks to virtual tracking of the needle – helping users to reach the target quickly, precisely and safely. The physical needle is highlighted by a virtual needle on the real-time ultrasound image with complete 3D representation of the probe, scanning plane and pathway to the target. Colored targets, with regular and irregular shapes can be visualized as well. The needle path is visualized before the insertion of the real needle in order to plan the best path of insertion to avoid vessels and structures.

Intelligent Positioning represents the needle tip as a fixed point in space with the target as a moving object seen by the view point from the needle tip: the needle will become a gunshot viewfinder.

Virtual Biopsy clinical applications for FNA, biopsy and percutaneous intervention include:

  • Liver
  • Prostate
  • Breast
  • Joint injections, muscles and nerve blocks
  • Thyroid and small parts
  • TAVI – Transperineal Access Vessel Injection

Accurate needle placement in liver lesion targeting procedures thanks to the Intelligent Positioning technology

Secure and confident path selection for biopsy and percutaneous treatments of the thyroid

ElaXto on breast performed for a correct assessment of the area to be sampled. Secure and confident path selection for Breast Core Biopsy

TAVI: puncture of the femoral artery performed avoiding calcified areas

Virtual Biopsy

  • Useful in complicated biopsies with a difficult approach due to lesion location
  • Helpful for poorly visualized lesions and for deep lesions where standard approach is not suitable
  • Convenient to precisely define the region to target, and decrease the number of biopsies
  • Compatible with CIVCO e-TRAX, CIVCO VirtuTrax and Hologic ATEC Core Biopsy support

v-TRAX receiver kit consists of one reusable non-sterile general purpose sensor that has to be attached to a sterile disposable item secured to a rigid needle. All brands of needle can be used.

CLICK AND WATCH v-TRAX Video [mp4 - 19,4 MB]

e-TRAX provides physicians with a safe and precise positiniong of instruments by monitoring the real-time trajectory of the needle. The sensor is located on the tip of the needle, preventing the problem of bent needles.

CLICK AND WATCH e-TRAX Video [mp4 - 23 MB]

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