• Esaote: Refurbished diagnostic imaging systems

    Renaissance Program

    A new kind of cycle is possible. Esaote is giving new life to its diagnostic imaging equipment with a specific programme dedicated to reintroducing it back onto the market. Following the logic of the circular economy, the Renaissance Programme selects, refurbishes and guarantees the best quality of equipment at affordable prices. Another way of innovating to evolve.


Refurbished Diagnostic Imaging Systems

Refurbished Ultrasound Systems

Ultrasound is Esaote's core business. For about forty years, Esaote has been designing, manufacturing and marketing ultrasound diagnostic systems, which are now installed all over the world. The Renaissance Programme offers a range of products with benefits to meet every need, both diagnostic and ergonomic.


Refurbished MRI Systems.

Esaote's Italian style revolutionised the world of magnetic resonance imaging 30 years ago, adapting technology to the quality of experience. Renaissance products give all laboratories access to leading diagnostic products.


Refurbished Vet Ultrasound and MRI Systems.

Esaote has thirty years of market leadership in providing ultrasound imaging and dedicated MRI solutions for animals. Today, with the Renaissance Programme, you are able to get great Esaote reliability at even more affordable prices, ensuring dependability for all types of veterinary project.


Contact us to get more information

If you are interested in our used and refurbished systems to get your lab renewed at reasonable prices, while continuing to guarantee the best quality to your patients, contact us for more details. We look forward to sharing our Renaissance program with you.

The reconditioning process takes place, if necessary, based on the needs of the equipment. For further details, please contact your Esaote sales representative.