• Interventional Probes and Kits for Ultrasound

    Transducers are the core of Ultrasound technology. Integrating physics, electronics and geometrics in their design is the greatest engineering challenge of the signal processing chain.

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Interventional Probes and Kits for Ultrasound

Esaote has designed a number of ultrasound interventional probes over the years, each time trying to make them more comfortable and more ergonomic. Thanks to the innovation of Quality gold standard ultrasound transducers, iQProbes are state-of-the-art Esaote Technology, even in the most advanced interventional applications.

Outstanding diagnostic value is the result of optimization of all the aspects of the signal chain, from the echo generated by the patient through to the display on the system, together with maximization of ultrasound scanning efficiency. This has been achieved over the years through advanced research, with several patents and publications, and effective implementation in both systems and probes.

Esaote’s dedicated R&D meets the increasing demands of modern healthcare with:

  • Outstanding image quality.
  • Unique ergonomics, workflow and design.
  • Complete solution for the most demanding clinical and interventional activities.

The most advanced technologies have been used to design Esaote transducers, involving motion analysis, superficial electromyography and digital human modelling. A large number of medical doctors and sonographers all around the globe have gathered valuable input for any clinical application and even the most demanding clinical needs. Esaote appleprobe’s patented and award-winning design enable innovative probe grasps for reduced fatigue and improved comfort.

The Lightweight unique appleprobe design and exclusive ergonomics reduces scan time and muscle stress by up to 70%.

The latest generation of IQ Probes improves the image quality thanks to:

  • Outstanding image quality.
  • Unique ergonomics, workflow and design.
  • Complete solution for the most demanding clinical and interventional activities.

Ultrasound probes are lightweight and have appleprobe ergonomics to reduce any physical stress to a minimum, even for long examination sessions.

  • Top penetration: conduct in-depth examinations also on difficult-to-scan patients
  • Full probe configuration: from convex (1-8MHz) to linear (3-22MHz) and phased array
  • “Point of Care” approach: Urology, Endocrinology, Surgery and interventional applications
  • Lightweight with appleprobe ergonomics: reduce muscle effort by up to 70%

Special probes are an ergonomic solution for even the most demanding applications:

  • Surgery intraoperative T-shaped linear probe
  • Interventional 0° convex biopsy probe
  • High-frequency hockey stick linear probe for rheumatism, MSK, vascular, surgery

Technology and features are system/configuration dependent. Specifications subject to change without notice. Information might refer to products or modalities not yet approved in all countries. Product images are for illustrative purposes only. For further details, please contact your Esaote sales representative.