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    Interventional settings require dedicated features and solutions that allow the accurate treatment of any type of patient.
    Esaote is committed to providing the shortest and most effective path to patient care.

Interventional Ultrasound Solutions

Dedicated Probe for 0° Biopsy Guidance
and Percutaneous Procedure

In order to perform precise and accurate Biopsies and Percutaneous Interventional Procedures, image quality for the needle guidance has to be at its highest level possible. Probe technologies play an important role as well as the advanced technologies present on board on the Ultrasound system to which the probe is connected to MyLabTwice eHD CrystaLine Ultrasound system together with SI2C41 iQprobe dedicated for Biopsy and Percutaneous Intervention, creates the highest possible level of Ergonomics and Image and Doppler quality possible today, for confident and comfortable diagnosis and intervention. SI2C41 iQprobe is lightweight and with appleprobe ergonomics in order to reduce at the minimum any physical stress also for long interventional sessions with different comfortable grips.

IOT probe

SI2C41 iQprobe dedicated for Biopsy and Percutaneous Interventional Procedures:

  • Dedicated biopsy angle: 0° - 5° - 15°
  • Superior Image and Doppler Quality
  • Contrast Imaging
  • Real-time Virtual Biopsy
  • Virtual Navigator: Real-time Fusion Imaging


SI2C41 Interventional Probe

A concrete breakthrough in Interventional Ultrasound.

Virtual Biopsy

Virtual Biopsy increases the confidence during Ultrasound Real-time biopsy procedures and percutaneous ablations: the real needle is highlighted by the Virtual needle indication directly on the Real-time Ultrasound image with a proper 3D representation of the probe, scanning plane, needle in plane and off plane and path to the target. Colored targets can be shown as well. The needle path is visualized also before the insertion of the real needle in order to plan in advance the best path of insertion to avoid vessels and structures.

IOT342: A probe designed by a surgeon for surgeons

Esaote has designed a new generation of ultrasound probes, the iQprobes, developed with new materials and methods to get the maximum spatial resolution and highest image depth. The new iQprobes’s performance combined with the new appleprobe design concept, allow physicians to carry out extremely comfortable and ergonomic examinations. This technology and design concept has led Esaote to develop IOT342, a new intra-operative T probe featuring a Tp-View enlarged field of view, wider frequency range, compact profile and ergonomic grip, fit to perform compression maneuver. A probe conceived for surgeons.

Top performance in Surgical Liver Ultrasound

IOT342 is a new wide multi-band frequency probe that allows to explore every section of the liver, both superficial and deeper ones, while using advanced applications like CnTI (Esaote’s Contrast Tuning Imaging) and ElaXto (Esaote’s Elastosonography). IOT342 has an enhanced scanning plan compared to contact surface and is more stable than convex probes. Its size and ergonomic design are suitable to perform compression maneuvers, offer different handing methods and allow to reach very narrow spaces.

Technology and features are system/configuration dependent. Specifications subject to change without notice. Information might refer to products or modalities not yet approved in all countries. Product images are for illustrative purposes only. For further details, please contact your Esaote sales representative.