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Personalized CVD Risk: Ultrasound for Cardiovascular Disease

Clinical Need

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is responsible for half of all deaths every year and 25 % of the chronic disease burden. The scale of the problem in human and economic terms means that urgent action is required to reduce the CVD burden in the population. Risk assessment algorithms (e.g. Framingham score, SCORE charts) are widely accepted, yet these algorithms provide an estimation of a population-based risk rather than quantifying the individual risk, and do not incorporate some well-known risk factors. To improve the risk stratification of an individual subject and to guide the preventive/therapeutic strategy, cardiovascular biomarkers have been proposed in conjunction with the risk scores.


Ultrasound has been the most widely used diagnostic tool for cardiovascular applications for many years, although its use in preventive medicine has been limited so far. Ultrasound, being a non-invasive and relatively cheap method, and allowing an integrated cardiac and vascular investigation during a single session, offers itself as a promising tool for cardiovascular screening and personalized risk assessment. Several ultrasound-derived cardiovascular biomarkers have been proposed and tested in the last decade, including measurement of carotid intima-media thickness (IMT) and assessment of large artery stiffness. The use of these measures in daily clinical practice requires a user-friendly and accurate ultrasound methodology, as well as the existence of reference values.

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In its MYLAB FAMILY systems, ESAOTE employs a radiofrequency-based technology to provide automatic, highly accurate and extremely user-friendly measurement of arterial wall thickness (QIMT) and stiffness (QAS) during a single session. QIMT and QAS vascular measures can be compared with reference values obtained in a large European population, which facilitates the interpretation of the examination in each individual subject and helps to fine-tune the individual cardiovascular risk.

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