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Advanced Hemodynamic Evaluation with High Sensitivity and High Spatial Resolution

Clinical Need

Different technologies are nowadays regularly used by clinicians to characterize lesion vascularity and to show normal and/or abnormal vascularity in several organs and tissues. Pathology characterization and diagnosis in all clinical applications, in relation to low-velocity flow visualization without interference from hyper-echoic structures and motion artefacts, still represent a tough challenge in everyday clinical practice. The evaluation of micro vessels has so far been a limitation. In some cases, CEUS was used as a Doppler enhancement medium in order to improve the vasculature echo signal, which increased expenses and invasiveness while reducing patient comfort, and not being usable on all patients.


Doppler signal assessed by ultrasound is generated by flows inside the body and tissue motion (clutter). This Doppler signal can be represented in a spectrum in the velocity domain. Conventional Doppler-based technologies applies a wall filter on the velocity domain in order to remove signals that are not related to flows. The result is a spectrum of flows that excludes the very low flows.

We developed an adaptive algorithm that effectively separates flow signals from overlaying tissue motion artefacts and background noise. microV is able to distinguish between signals coming from flows and other sources with very low flow signal preservation.

Conventional Power Doppler



microV, the latest technology by Esaote with an astonishing degree of sensitivity even in very small vessels and slow flows detection. This brand-new Doppler technology with a specific algorithm enables advanced hemodynamic evaluation with high sensitivity and high spatial resolution. This technology can be combined with other modalities for pathology characterization in all clinical applications.

Features and Advantages

With a very high sensitivity, spatial resolution, and frame rate hemodynamic analysis for micro-vascularization in tissue perfusion, microV is the answer for maximized sensitivity for small vessels and slow flow detection:

  • Top performance for micro-vascularization studies in terms of sensitivity and spatial resolution
  • No hyper-echoic structure interference
  • Zero background noise
  • Available for all probe typologies

With microV it’s possible to choose from five different visualization algorithms to enhance spatial resolution, blood volume flow, and signal consistency. B-Mode background suppression can be set in order to enhance the micro-vascularization signal.

microV offers plenty of advantages in comparison with other ultrasound modalities, ensuring the best low-velocity flow visualization with the highest frame-rate and spatial resolution, compensating for motion artefacts and without interference from hyper-echoic structures.

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