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The Relevance of Needle Visibility in Intervention Procedures

Clinical Need

The safe and successful performance of ultrasound-guided procedures requires a detailed knowledge of anatomy and an understanding of where the needle tip is at all times. The latter is dependent on the needle and transducer manipulation, which can be a challenge, especially for beginners. Visualization of the needle tip requires alignment with the ultrasound beam, which is sometimes not achieved. Even when it is, the physical characteristics of the needle and limitations in technology may obstruct visibility.

Clinical Solutions

Understanding how important it is for clinicians to have tools that support and guide them through the ultrasound process and increase their confidence, Esaote has developed a technology that increases needle brightness by combining a dedicated image composition of a standard B-mode with a properly processed and steered image.

Since most of the procedures are performed in the superficial tissue, a linear probe was selected. The algorithm allows the user to select a steering angle of 10, 20, 30 or 40 degrees, according to the entry side. The needle insertion has to be as perpendicular as possible to the reference line, which indicates the direction of the steered beam. Thanks to real-time imaging, it is possible to increase the accuracy of the intervention procedure, resulting in a better workflow and improved patient comfort.

Clinical Images


  • Greater accuracy in interventional procedures due to real-time imaging
  • Greater patient comfort
  • Improved workflow and patient throughput
  • Cost reduction and a good return on investment

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