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    Read the ePOS-Electronic Posters which involve the Esaote's Ultrasound & dedicated MRI systems: they are presented on the occasion of outstanding international events & congresses and cover the up-to-date topics of scientific trends. The main dedicated MRI and Ultrasound highlights are presented by KOLs worldwide recognized as major reference sites.

ePosters 2020

At ECR 2020 ePOS (Electronic Posters) involving Esaote Ultrasound systems will be presented, covering Ultrasound applications and technologies:

ECR 2020 / C-07119: Preliminary assessment of an Artificial Intelligence algorithm based on MRI breast modelling with US fusion

Congress: ECR 2020
Poster No.: C-07119
Type: Scientific Exhibit
Keywords: Breast, Artificial Intelligence, Image manipulation / Reconstruction, MR, Ultrasound, Computer Applications-Detection, diagnosis, Imaging sequences, Localisation, Image registration, Image verification, Not applicable, Experimental, Multicentre study
Authors: S. de Beni1, S. D'Onofrio1, M. Cereseto1, A. Abate2, R. Giovanazzi3, R. Corso3, A. Martegani4, C. Fachinetti4, G. Sakas5; 1Esaote/IT, 2Lesmo/IT, 3Monza/IT, 4Como/IT, 5Darmstadt/DE

Evaluation of a new Ultrasound (US) technology, based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm, that correlates and fuses MRI-prone with US-supine Breast Imaging (BI) examinations. In-vitro and in-vivo tests were performed.

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ECR 2020 / C-13554: How to perform a 2D-Shear wave Elastography procedure - Practical advices to get a reliable assessment of the liver disease severity with new esaote QElaXto 2D

Congress: ECR 2020
Poster No.: C-13554
Type: Educational Exhibit
Keywords: Education and training, Education, Diagnostic procedure, Ultrasound, Elastography, Liver, Abdomen, Abdominal Viscera, Performed at one institution
Authors: L. Maiocchi1, F. Labb2, D. Carlini3, G. Gauthier3, A. Raimondi4, C. Dellafiore1, C. Filice1; Pavia/IT, Genoa/IT, Genova/IT, Marcignago/IT

Describe an Ultrasound 2D shear wave elastography (SWE) procedure with QElaXto 2D (Esaote S.p.A., Genova, Italy) for the liver stiffness evaluation in order to get a reliable assessment of the liver disease severity. Provide the descriptions and the illustrations of the technical and practical aspects to perform a correct procedure, then select the correct samples for a reliable quantification.

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